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eGift Card

A new virtual prepaid card for online purchases has emerged. The new “Discover eGift Card” enables purchasers to buy denominations from $20 to $500 and have it immediately delivered to its recipient. Additionally, “eGift Cards” can be personalized by virtual embossing. Up to 10 cards can be purchased at one time. Once activated, the “eGift Card” funds never expire, but is subject to similar fees as that of traditional gift cards. Recipients receive an instant, personalized email alerting them of their gift and are given access to their unique online “eGift Card” that can be printed or saved. Purchasers can opt to receive a text message notifying them when the recipient receives the gift. If the card is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the funds will be returned to the purchaser. Discover also offers traditional gift cards in more than 40 different card designs. Discover launched its gift card program in October 2003. For more information visit: “”:

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