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Teen Gifts

American teens plan to purchase three gift cards, mostly store cards, this holiday season. However, about half of teens would like to receive a gift card that they can use anywhere. The new poll from First Data also reveals that 26% of teens plan to purchase more gift cards this holiday season than last. The survey found that specialty retail stores (43%) and discount stores (40%) are the top locations where teens intend to purchase gift cards. However, top locations where teens would like to receive gift cards include specialty retail stores (70%); discount stores (51%); and open-loop gift cards (50%). Additionally, one-third of teens intend to spend more than $50 on gift cards with the average total spend being $61.50. A national “Teen Gift Card Survey” by Comdata Stored Value Solutions released in August found that 98% of all teens between the ages of 14 and 19 have either bought or received a gift card. The Comdata survey also found that teens purchased almost double the number of gift cards they did in 2006 (7.6 vs. 4.3 cards – a 77% increase).

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