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2008 Outlook

The credit card landscape will be changing next year thanks to spill-over effects of the mortgage mess and heat from a Democrat-led Congress over credit card practices. However, lower interest rates and strong competition will help consumers find some real bargains. The research staff of, the leading news/research information site for the payment card industry, has strapped on their binoculars to help you see what is coming next year. Here is a list of ten credit card items to be on the lookout for in 2008:

# Higher Credit Card Qualifying Requirements
# Reduced Credit Card Credit Lines
# Devaluation of Credit Card Rewards
# Promotional Credit Card Interest Rates
# Increased Fixed Rate Credit Card Promotions
# Proliferation of “Green” Rewards
# Roll-Back on Universal Default Policies
# Expanded Financial Education Programs
# Lots of Perks from the Major Card Brands
# More Leeway on Late and Over-Limit Fees

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