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Economic confidence among small business owners slipped slightly in December for the fifth consecutive month, falling to its lowest point in 2007. Small business owners expressed less confidence that economic conditions are getting better, either in the general economy or with their own businesses. The “Discover Small Business Watch” index dipped to 92.7, down half a percentage point from November’s 93.2. The index is down a full 17 points than at the same time a year ago. Discover also found that 65% of small business owners feel that economic conditions in the U.S. are getting worse, slightly fewer than the 68% who felt that way in November. The number who believe it is getting better remained the same. About 42% said they have experienced cash flow issues over the last 90 days, an increase from 38% in November but even with 42% from December 2006.

Discover Small Business Watch
Nov 06: 114.6
Dec 06: 109.7
Jan 07: 114.3
Feb 07: 113.4
Mar 07: 117.7
Apr 07: 110.3
May 07: 110.0
Jun 07: 102.5
Jul 07: 107.3
Aug 07: 102.4
Sep 07: 99.2
Oct 07: 96.8
Nov 07: 93.2
Dec 07: 92.7
Source: Discover Business Card

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