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Goal Cards

Four new credit cards have been enhanced that help consumers to meet education and retirement goals through everyday spending. The Bankers Bank, Vesdia and MXT Card Services have introduced the four upgraded “Platinum VISA” cards that offer a 1% rebate on all card purchases and up to a 26% rebate on purchases made within its merchant network. The four enhanced credit card programs include “BabyMint,” “NestEggz,” “Stockback” and “FundraiserRewards.” “BabyMint” allows the cardholder, family and friends to earn unlimited contributions into any college savings plan as well as earning matching tuition credits valid at hundreds of colleges and universities. “NestEggz” produces rebates towards retirement and hundreds of merchants offer savings which are deposited into almost any tax-advantaged retirement account. “Stockback” generates deposits into virtually any mutual fund, brokerage and banking account, and adds cash rewards from various merchants. “FundraiserRewards” generates donations via purchases made through participating online, catalog, and brick & mortar merchants and service providers. The rewards are automatically donated to the charitable organization of the member’s choice. For more information visit: “”:; “”:; “”:; or “”:

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