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The nation’s most popular personal finance duo searched high and low across of the Internet, carefully reviewing tons of websites to come up with the “Top 100 Best Money Websites.” Ken and Daria Dolan named and as the best credit card information sites on the Web. The Dolans said they found a blitz of self-serving and fraudulent sites with many offering inaccurate information, sales pitches, dead-ends, and even outright scams. Ken said “It’s no secret that using an online search engine is like opening Pandora’s Box. You really never know what you’re clicking through to. Our Top 100 sites let Web users go directly to sources they can trust without getting sidetracked by advertising come-ons or worse.” The Dolans’ “Top 100 Websites” are organized by 39 categories, including Annuities ,Banking, Bonds , Brokers, Budgeting, Cars, College, Company Info, Credit, Debt, Elder Care, Employee Benefits, Entrepreneurs. Estate Planning, ETFs, Financial Planning, Fraud, Home, Identity Theft, Insurance, Investing, IRAs, Medicare/Medicaid, Mortgage Reserve, Mutual Funds, Options, Retirement, Savings Bonds, Shopping Online, Stocks, Taxes and others. For more information visit: “”: or “”:

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