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Yard Card

Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis are having a blast with a new card that enables them to pay and play. The new “Yard Card” is a stored value card that rewards users for frequenting on-campus auxiliary restaurants and coffee concessions. Each purchase with the card represents an opportunity for the cardholder to play the classic naval combat game, “Battleship.” With each transaction, the “Yard Card” is swiped through a special terminal which erases and
reprints the information and images on the face of the card. With each transaction, the face of the card is re-imaged and a new game graphic informs the cardholder of a ‘hit’ or ‘miss.’ When a ship is ‘sunk,’ an instant prize is awarded to the midshipman or staff member. Prizes include items such as free coffee, $1 off coupons, free pizza and more. The new card is provided by Missouri-based Visible Results.

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