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Prepaid Scam

A group of prepaid card scammers are coughing up more than $2 million to settle government charges that they ripped off consumers. Through Web sites, pop-up and e-mail advertisements the gang marketed prepaid cards such as “Acclaim VISA,” “Impact VISA,” “Sterling VISA,” “VIP Advantage VISA”, “Vue VISA”, “Elite Plus MasterCard,” “Impact MasterCard,” “Secure Deposit MasterCard,” “VIP MasterCard,” and “Vue MasterCard.” The Federal Trade Commission alleged that the Los Angeles-based defendants debited, without authorization, a $159.95 application and processing fee from consumers’ bank accounts, including from consumers who did not submit an online application for the prepaid cards. The defendants included: EdebitPay, LLC, EDP Reporting, LLC, EDP Technologies Corporation, Secure Deposit Card, Inc. To file a any complaint in English or Spanish with the FTC visit: “”: or call 1-877-382-4357.

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