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Love Sale

PayPal says its recent survey of couples in the U.S. and the U.K. found that “Money Cant Buy Love,” and in fact the majority of young couples have argued over money at least once a month. To ease the squabbling, PayPal is gearing up to launch a batch of “Valentine’s Day”-related discounts on January 28th. The PayPal survey also found that nearly one in four couples use online shopping as a way to keep their partners in the dark about their purchases. U.K. couples are more likely to have separate bank accounts (71%), while about half of American couples share bank accounts. Another interesting tidbit from the survey: women in the U.S. think the man should pay only if he initiates the date. Whereas, women in the U.K. think splitting the check is polite, regardless of who instigates the date. To checkout PayPal’s Valentine Day discounts visit: “”:

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