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No Hassle Business

The “What’s in Your Wallet” king has expanded its “No Hassles” credit card program, upping the ante for business cardholders. Capital One has launched the “Preferred No Hassles Miles” card offering small business owners double rewards for travel and entertainment purchases. Cardholders earn two miles per dollar on all travel and entertainment purchases made with airlines, restaurants hotels, bowling alleys, buses/charters, car rentals, cruise lines, movie theatres, passenger railways, taxicabs/limousines, timeshares, travel agents, and video rental stores. This broadened definition of the travel and entertainment category, which has traditionally been limited to airline and restaurant transactions, coupled with Capital Ones no foreign transaction fee policy, makes this card ideal for business owners looking for more flexibility in earning rewards on their travel and entertainment purchases. Additionally, customers will earn one mile per dollar for all other purchases. Miles can be redeemed for travel, gift cards, merchandise, and even cash that can be put back into their business. For more information visit: “”:

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