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WaMu & FICo

WaMu, the first, and currently the only, credit card issuer that provides its cardholders with free online access to their “FICO” credit score, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the service this year. WaMu first partnered with credit bureau TransUnion and credit scoring pioneer Fair Isaac in 2003 to introduce the free consumer service. WaMu credit card customers simply have to set up online access to their account — also free. Not only can they then track their card usage and pay their bill, they also receive monthly updates of their TransUnion-derived “FICO” score along with the top reasons why they have that score. Normally, consumers would have to pay at least a one-time fee of $15.95 to purchase their “FICO” score, and close to $100 annually for ongoing monthly monitoring. For more information visit: “”:

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