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Small business owners’ economic confidence took a sharp drop in March. The “Discover Small Business Watch” dipped to 77.8, a 13.1-point decrease from February, and nearly 40 points lower than a year earlier. More then three-fourths of small business owners feel that economic conditions in the U.S. are getting worse. Nearly half of small business owners say they see economic conditions for their businesses getting worse over the next six months, up from 34% in February. This is the lowest level of confidence expressed by owners regarding their prospects during the 20 months. About 47% say they have experienced cash flow issues over the last 90 days, a slight increase from 43% in February.

           Discover Small Business Watch
                 Mar 07: 117.7
                 Apr 07: 110.3
                 May 07: 110.0
                 Jun 07: 102.5
                 Jul 07: 107.3
                 Aug 07: 102.4
                 Sep 07:  99.2
                 Oct 07:  96.8
                 Nov 07:  93.2
                 Dec 07:  92.7
                 Jan 08:  86.3
                 Feb 08:  90.9
                 Mar 08:  77.8
         Source: Discover Business Card

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