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During the month of April, 55% of small business owners can confidently say the U.S. economy is “poor”, up 2% from the month prior, while 16% feel the economy is strong. Additionally, 44% have experienced cash flow issues over the last 90 days, 27% of owners plan to increase spending on business development in April, 44% plan to decrease spending and 75% have seen effects on profitability, of which 86% have seen adverse effects. Among consumers, 58% notice businesses charge more when gas prices are up, 39% are willing to pay higher prices to small business that use “green” energy practices and 63% doubt the economy will improve in the next six months. The Discover “Small Business Watch: Small Business Economic Confidence” monthly index measures the relative economic confidence of 22 million U.S. small business owners who employ less than five employees and collectively produce over a trillion dollars in annual receipts.

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