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Fraud Fighting

While credit card fraud and identity theft is a clear and present danger, there are many basic precautions that can be taken by consumers. The PULSE debit network complied an excellent list of ten things you can do with little effort to fight big fraud.

Fraud Prevention Tips

1. Shred all financial documents and records before disposing of them.
2. Destroy unused or expired credit, ATM and debit cards.
3. Remove mail promptly from your mailbox.
4. Match receipts to monthly billing statements.
5. Memorize PINs, passwords and Social Security numbers do not store them in your purse or wallet.
6. Use longer, more complex passwords and PINs, and change them periodically.
7. Sign all credit cards and debit cards immediately upon receipt.
8. Notify account providers of address changes in advance.
9. Immediately report a lost or stolen card and any unauthorized activity on any account.
10.Never use your PIN as a password.

A comprehensive list of ATM/debit card safety tips is available at “” PULSE also offers a brochure containing fraud/identity theft prevention tips, which can be downloaded at

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