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Economic confidence among small business owners rebounded in July as cash flow issues diminished. In fact, 33% say they have experienced cash flow issues over the last 90 days, a significant decrease from 42% in June. According to the Discover “Small Business Watch” monthly survey, 17% of small business owners think the U.S. economy is getting better, an increase from nine percent in June; 28% of owners say that economic conditions for their business are getting better, an increase from 23% in June; and 17% rated the economy as good or excellent, an increase from 12% in June. Approximately four-in-ten small business owners say that the nationwide downturn in the housing market has had a negative impact on their business, while 47% say it has not negatively affected them.The Discover “Small Business Watch” jumped in July to 84.6, up 12.8 points from 71.8 in June.

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