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Quicken Beam

Financial software provider Intuit has released “Quicken Beam” to give consumers free instant access to their bank balances and activity. Quicken Beam will help consumers spend within their means and avoid overdrawing their accounts. This, along with other early versions and new releases of Intuit offerings, is available at, where visitors can try them, provide feedback and talk online with members of the design team. With no data entry, separate login screens, or Web browser required, “Quicken Beam” lets consumers use their cell phone or mobile device to access their accounts so they know exactly how much they have to spend and what recent activity has taken place. “Quicken Beam” enables consumers to request instant account balance updates with a simple text message to see their balance and what transactions have cleared before its too late; receive automatic low-balance alerts; set additional alerts to be informed of major activity so they can catch identity theft early and keep credit card spending in check. Last year, U.S. consumers paid almost $19 billion because of overlimit fees.

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