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Card Debt

National credit card debt per credit card borrower increased 2.63% sequentially to $1,717 in the second quarter and 8.6%, compared to 2Q/07. The highest state average card debt per credit card borrower was in Alaska at $2,494, followed by Tennessee at $2,109 and Alabama at $2,015. According to TransUnion, the steepest increases in average credit card debt over the previous quarter occurred in the District of Columbia (6.62%), Alaska (4.84%) and Tennessee (4.75%). Nationally, the ratio of credit card borrowers delinquent on one or more of their credit cards declined to 1.04% in the second quarter, down 12.6% over the previous quarter. However, on a year-over-year basis the national delinquency incidence rate has risen 14.3%. Incidence of delinquency was highest in Nevada (1.72%), followed closely by Florida (1.34%) and Mississippi (1.30%). TransUnion says the lower delinquency statistics indicate that many consumers did in fact use their economic stimulus checks, in part, to pay down past-due credit card debt.

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