Consumer Payment Card News

Green Machine

While most of the financial world is seeing “red” these day, the payment card world is seeing “green.” Two new environmentally friendly cards have entered the U.S. marketplace. This month, U.S. Bank has teamed with CPI Card Group to offer a “bioPVC” card to its 1.6 million “Voyager” commercial fleet card customers. The 99% PVC product biodegrades in nine months to five years in soil, water, compost, or wherever microorganisms are present. Card manufacturer Arthur Blank is introducing the “AB HybridCard” that is part recycled and part virgin PVC. The card is comprised of a recycled plastic core sandwiched between two layers of traditional bright white PVC resulting in a 50% recycled plastic and 50% traditional PVC product. The new card also contains post-consumer material in addition to the pre-consumer content coming from Arthur Blanks program for reutilization of factory scrap. Meanwhile, the International Card Manufacturers Association will gather on November 18th as part of ICMAs “Green Task Force” to help develop an environmentally responsible standard for card manufacturing.

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