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Micro Tag

Payment card giant Visa is now offering a teeny tiny way to pay. It’s the new “Visa Micro Tag” that attaches to a key ring. This is Visa’s smallest “payWave”-enabled device to-date. It is being tested this month by U.S. Bancorp. The bank plans to distribute more than 4,000 prepaid “Visa Micro Tags” to employees this month. Employees across the country will receive the “U.S. Bank Visa Micro Tag” which is tied to a prepaid U.S. Bank Visa gift account. Visa first introduced the miniature solution in 2007 that can be used with credit, debit or prepaid accounts. A Visa account number is not required to be embossed or printed on the device. This provides an additional layer of security for consumers who choose to carry and use the “Visa Micro Tag.” For more information visit: “”:

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