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Shell $aver Card

The growing effort by gasoline retailers to steer customers away from general purpose credit and debit cards will gain more traction next year. Shell Oil Products US is rolling out a new payment card in January that features a direct link to a consumers checking account and offers a discount price on each gallon. Other gasoline retailers such as Sunoco already offer discounted per gallon pricing for cash customers. The new “Shell $aver Card” will offer a promotional savings of 5 cents per gallon on Shell fuel purchases until June 1, 2009 and 2 cents per gallon thereafter. The card can be used at participating Shell-branded stations for any purchases except lottery tickets. However, the discount applies only to gasoline and diesel purchases. Consumers interested in obtaining a “Shell $aver Card” will be required to pick up an inactive card at a participating Shell-branded station to start the application process. For more information visit “”:

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