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The average credit card debt per borrower (not per household) is $5,710 at the end of October, about 6% higher than one-year ago. The highest state average bankcard debt was in Alaska at $7,827, followed by Nevada at $6,636 and Tennessee at $6,568. The lowest average bankcard debt was found in Iowa ($4,277), followed by North Dakota ($4,403) and West Virginia ($4,517). says the steepest increases in average bankcard debt over the previous quarter occurred in Wyoming (4.96%), Delaware (4.12%) and Arizona (3.12%). Maine experienced the largest drop in its average credit card debt (-1.4%), followed by North Dakota (-1.12%) and Alaska (-0.57%). Trans Union also reported that nationally, the ratio of bankcard borrowers delinquent on one or more of their bankcards increased to 1.09% in the third quarter, up 4.8% over the previous quarter. Incidence of delinquency was highest in Nevada, followed closely by Florida and Mississippi. The lowest bank card delinquency incidence rates were found in North Dakota, Vermont and Utah. for more information visit: “”:

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