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Obama/MLK Cards

About 200,000 limited edition “Obama SmarTrip” fare cards will be distributed by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to commemorate President Obamas inauguration. Also, Home Depot has launched a collector’s edition “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream” gift card at all stores nationwide and online. The commemorative “Obama SmarTrip” cards are available for purchase in two versions, for $10 each without fare value, or for $20, which includes $10 fare value loaded onto the card. The special order card is a permanent, rechargeable farecard featuring an image of President Barack Obama. Between now and February 28th, consumers can purchase the “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream” gift card and The Home Depot will donate five percent of sales to the Center for Civil and Human Rights, up to $1 million. This donation will go toward building a permanent home for the personal papers of Dr. King and will be a critical part of the exhibition offering at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. For more information visit: “”: or “”:

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