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Internet security, online payment, password management, credit card fraud, cell phone usage, and identity theft can make your head swim. A new Web Site has been launched by a firm specializing in digital security to help consumers sort it all out. The site is organized along six themes: Buying, Surfing, Traveling, Communicating, Working and Personal Data. It also features how-it-works tutorials with 3-D graphics, news, articles, videos and a way to JustAskGemalto questions about these topics. Written in plain speak, it introduces terms people need to know, explains the benefits as well as risks and offers advice on how to protect oneself. The site, produced by Gemalto, answers questions such as:

* Whats the safest way to pay online?
* What is a hotspot and is it safe to use my laptop at the airport?
* How does music and video file sharing work?
* I hear about 3G networks in iPhone ads, what is that?
* If I have a secure connection to a Web site, does that mean I can trust the site?
* Do U.S. electronic passports use RFID?
* Can my neighbor steal data from my Wi-Fi network?
* How do I get an emergency replacement passport if I am traveling?
* I want to get a phone that works outside the U.S., what should I look for?
* Five things you should do when traveling abroad

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