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Real Stimulus

While Obama goes “Mad” over his first 100 minutes, the one real way to get the economy moving instantly, from the bottom up, is to pay-off the nation’s credit card debt of nearly $1 trillion. The big figure covers personal and business credit card debt so it will quickly fuel consumer spending, (66% of the economy) and small business jobs (75% of the workforce). Throw in a good measure of “under-water” mortgage relief for consumers and IRS “predatory” tax penalty relief for small business owners and you’ve got a recipe for recovery in an unprecedented screwed-up economy. The bonus to CardTrak’s “Real Stimulus” package of 2009 is that it helps everyone, including the beleaguered financial-related institutions. Best of all, the distribution system is “KISS” and the result is “Happy Campers.” For retirees the government’s only answer is to purge the “Madoff Schemes” and move Wall Street to a “Main Street” in middle America..

BTW- Mad Magazine is still around but going quarterly. Visit “”: for more information.

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