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Feb Pulse

More than half of small business owners plan to decrease spending on business development in the next six months. Also, the number of owners who say they have experienced temporary cash flow issues in the past 90 days rose to 42% in February, up from 38% in January. The latest “Discover Small Business Watch Index” rose to 71.9 in February from 71.4 in January. Discover also found that 19% of owners see conditions for their businesses improving, up from 17% who felt the same in January; while 54% see conditions getting worse, also an increase from January; 22% say conditions are the same; and 6% arent sure. Most small business owners also expressed doubts that Congress could create any stimulus package that would pull the country out of recession: 58% were not very or not at all confident of such an outcome; 40% were somewhat or very confident; and 2% werent sure. Sixty percent of small business owners say it is not at all or not very likely they will have to close their businesses because of the nations current economic problems; 22% said it was somewhat likely and 14% said it was very likely they would have to close their doors because of the economy. Four percent werent sure.

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