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A new guide has been issued that will help parents discuss personal finance issues with their young adults. Chase and College Parents of America have introduced “Parents, Teens, and Money: A Clear and Simple Guide to Discussing Financial Responsibility.” The new guide – available online at or – provides parents with critical information to
use in discussions with their high school and college students to help
instill good financial discipline. “Parents, Teens, and Money” contains shared activities and discussion guides to help parents teach their teens important personal finance lessons, including:

1. What important questions to ask before signing up for a credit card.
2. How interest rates, fees and penalties impact the cost of using credit cards.
3. How to identify the main differences between credit and debit cards.
4. What other types of loans are there and how to compare terms to get the best deal.
5. How to make and stick to a budget.
6. How to spot and prevent identity theft.

For more information visit: or College Parents of Americas site at

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