Consumer Payment Card News


A new survey has found that 33% of U.S. physician offices do not accept credit cards as a form of payment, a 5% increase since last year’s survey. Of those offices who accept credit cards, 66% take either MasterCard or Visa. The least accepted credit card at U.S. physician offices is American Express, at 27.7%. According to SK&A Information Services’ “Physician Office Credit-Card Acceptance Survey,” the offices that accept credit cards most often are those of plastic surgeons, with a 91% acceptance rate, while pathology offices accept them the least, with a 21% acceptance rate. Other specialties with high acceptance rates include Ophthalmology (84%); Bariatrics (83%); Otolaryngology (83%); and Dermatology (81%). Specialties with low acceptance rates include: Dialysis (27%); Geriatric medicine (32%); Nuclear medicine (35%); and Critical-care medicine (37%). SK&A says fewer patients are able to use their credit cards at doctor offices because of the worsening consumer credit situation.

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