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Payment Skins

This fall you’ll be able to buy a new skin for your mobile phone that has a space age payment chip embedded. The “PHOOLAH” technology gives cardholders the ability to select their phone model and select their specific graphical artwork to order their own mobile skin that fits them the best. The specific skin is then printed and fabricated on-demand and sent to them. When the card holder receives the vinyl skin, it is peeled from its backing and “wrapped” onto their mobile phone. The skin is embedded with a contactless payment chip. The personalization of phone skins is not new, as companies such as Skinit, Mytego, Unique Skins, and others have been making on-demand personalized vinyl mobile phone wraps for a few years. MPS is simply adding some payment functionality to these inexpensive skins. The “PHOOLAH” product was developed by Knoxville-based Mobile Payment Skins. For more information visit:

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