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Family Card

American Express is targeting teens via new features that turns an AmEx charge card into a family charge card. Parents now have the ability to set spending limits for additional cards on one account. AmEx is also issuing the additional cardholder cards with separate account numbers so that the entire account doesnt have to be closed when one card is lost. The Company is promoting the new features to encourage families to add their teenagers (15 yrs +) to their account. AmEx says for those over the age of 18, being an additional cardholders on a parents account can build a credit history. With the new features cardholders came receive emails or text messages to alert them when a set spending amount is being approached or has been reached on one of their additional cards. The primary cardholders can also modify the spending amount anytime, online or over the phone. Rewards are consolidated from all the cards on the account. The new service is available for the “American Express Card,” the “American Express Rewards Green Card,” the “American Express Preferred Rewards Green Card,” the “American Express Gold Card,” the “American Express Rewards Gold Card,” the “American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card,” the “American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card,” the “Platinum Card,” the “Centurion Card.” For more information visit:

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