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Debt Wise

One of the nation’s top credit bureaus has assemble a bag of tools to create a personal debt bailout payment plan. The new “Debt Wise” package comes from Equifax, but carries a monthly fee. The product’s “Fast Pay Plan Wizard” automatically imports debts from a subscriber’s Equifax credit report and aligns those debts in an optimal order and then applies a debt stacking strategy so that the subscriber can see how to pay them off faster — without paying more in monthly payments than they already do. “Debt Wise” also includes “Monitoring and Monthly Alerts” that help subscribers know if they are on or off plan and when an account is paid off; alerts within 24 hours of key changes to their Equifax credit file; four “FICO Scores” every 12 months; a “Commitment Calculator” tool to simulate how paying additional amounts towards debts could accelerate one’s debt freedom date; “Spend Smart Tools” that provide ideas on ways to save money and spend wisely; and Identity Theft Insurance of up to $25,000 with no deductible. For more information visit: “”:hjttp://

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