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Scam Refunds

If you were ripped-off over a catalog credit card scam there is a chance some dough could show up in your mailbox. The Federal Trade Commission sent out refund checks last week to consumers who allegedly had been defrauded by Integrity Financial Enterprises. The checks average more than $200, which covered more than 85% of their losses. However, the checks must be cashed within 60 days. In 2008, the FTC sued Integrity Financial Enterprises, a/k/a Infinite Financial and National Benefits Exchange, alleging that they promised consumers a “credit card” that could be used like a Visa or MasterCard for an up-front fee of $200 to $300, but which actually could be used only to buy products from the defendantsâ Web site or catalog. Integrity was sued following the nationwide “Operation Tele-PHONEY” law enforcement sweep in May 2008. A monetary judgment of more than $2.4 million was previously imposed on Integrity. For more information visit: “”:

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