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If you think the new credit card regulations mean the end of “fine print”, then you better get some new eyeglasses. Under new credit card regulations that went into effect this month you now have to right to opt out of changes to your account, but what is not understood is that the changes can begin to affect your account before you opt out. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is asking all national banks to provide additional disclosure so cardholders understand this crack in the rules. Under the new “Credit CARD Act” banks must notify customers 45 days in advance of any rate increase or significant changes in credit card account terms. The rules also require lenders to disclose that their customers have the right to reject those changes. However, under the rules, the new rates or terms can be applied to any transaction that occurs more than 14 days after the notice is provided âÃÂàeven if the customer ultimately rejects the changes. The rules do not require creditors to tell their customers that new terms can be applied during the 45-day period. The OCC is directing national banks to include an additional disclosure to notify consumers of this consequence to prevent consumer confusion, particularly for customers who opt to reject the changes in terms.

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