Consumer Payment Card News


After two years of planning and research Chase announced an online consumer credit management toolkit. The new tools are fully integrated into customers’ accounts, enabling them to create customized payment plans and track their progress on every statement, either online or on the phone working with a Chase advisor. The new “Chase Blueprint” offers four features: “Full Pay”; “Split”; “Finish It”; and “Track It.” “Blueprint” will be available to 20 million cardholders of “Chase Freedom,” “Chase Sapphire,” “Slate from Chase” (formerly Chase Platinum), “Ink from Chase” and other Chase business cards. “Full Pay” enables customers to decide which expenses they want to pay in full every month and avoid interest. “Split” enables customers to select the number of payments or monthly payment amount for larger purchases. “Finish It” allows customers to choose a plan and a goal date for pay-off. “Track It” enables customers to track their spending online by category whenever they want and is available online daily. Chase also partnered with Dr. Hersh Shefrin, author of “Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing”, to develop the “What’s Your Financial Style?” quiz. For more information visit:

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