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Get-Out-of-Jail Card

A new prepaid debit card has been introduced in California that is issued to an inmate when he/she is released from jail. The “EZ Release Debit Card” is part of Continental Prison Systems’ “EZ Card & Kiosk” program that offers a variety of electronic payment services. The “EZ Booking Kiosk” handles all of the paper money and coins during the booking process, which also allows the inmate to send up to three pre-written “EZ Text Messages” to friends, family and legal counsel, expediting and reducing the turn-around time for releasing inmates from the facility. The “EZ Money Load Kiosks” in the lobby area offers the convenience to friends and family when loading money into the inmate’s trust account, accepting cash, credit and/or debit card. The bail process can also be handled by this lobby kiosk, using cash, credit and/or debit card. Both “EZ Money Load” and “EZ Bail” can also be accessed via a secure remote website.

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