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About 30% of U.S. consumers plan to adjust this yearâs travel plans for Thanksgiving. Nineteen percent of the general population who traveled last year will be staying home this year. The findings come from the American Express “Spending & Saving Tracker” which indicates that consumers have not measurably changed their overall outlook on spending compared to last month but they are starting to open their wallets for the holiday season. Against the backdrop of high unemployment and a soft housing market, however, they expect to be more selective. As one might expect, consumers said they plan to spend significantly more over the next 30 days on travel, compared to last month (41% versus 33%). Nearly eight in ten of the affluent expect to spend more, or about the same, over the next 30 days on dining out (78%). Compared to last month, consumers expect to decrease spending in groceries (49% versus 40%), grooming (23% versus 16%) and tuition (19% versus 5%). For access to previous American Express Spending & Saving Tracker results, please visit

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