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Gconomy Visa

Credit cards are getting “greener” each day and this week the card with most “green” to-date has entered the market. The new “Gconomy Visa” offers points for each purchase, donates a portion of every purchase to a “green” schools program, and rewards households for recycling. The card is also made from 55% recycled plastic. The new card which rewards cardholders for positive “green” actions is the product of Barclaycard US and RecycleBank. Cardholders earn 1.5 “RecycleBank Points” for every dollar spent with “RecycleBank Reward Partners” and one point spent elsewhere. A portion of every purchase is donated to the “RecycleBank Green Schools Program,” that offers numerous grants, ranging from $100 to $5,000 to schools that work with children (ages 6-18) in the fields of environmental awareness, education, and action. Additionally, RecycleBank motivates households to recycle by measuring the amount of recycled material from the home and converting it into “RecycleBank Points.” RecycleBank has committed to donating a minimum of $1 million dollars over the next five years to the “RecycleBank Green Schools Program” via the “Gconomy Visa” card. For more information visit:

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