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Recycled Truly

A major book store is implementing a gift card program that is both recycled and recyclable. Half Price Books will collect the used cards, send them back to Earthworks where they will be ground and re-processed into sheets, and then shipped back to ABnote North America for printing and conversion into gift cards once again. A full circle recycling process is established, resulting in dramatically lower poly vinyl chloride use and a reduced amount of PVC entering landfills. Also, cards can be recycled over and over, multiplying the benefits over time. Along with Half Price Books collecting the cards, OH-based Earthworks enables the process by having the “EARTHWORKS SYSTEM Recyclable Content Identifier” on the cards. Earthworks manufactures and markets 100% recycled and recyclable PVC sheet material for plastic card applications. ABnote North America produces commercial plastic cards (gift, loyalty, and membership), financial cards (debit and credit cards), identification and secure access cards (driversâ licenses, national ID cards, hotel and facility entry cards), secure documents (savings bonds, stock certificates, passports, vital records, vehicle records, and checks), and related services (personalization, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment). Half Price Books has 100 retail locations in 16 states. For more information visit:

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