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Smokin Debit

The struggling economy and the credit card mess has been a windfall for debit cards as more Americans seek the convenience of debit cards over the hassle of credit cards. At mid-year the amount charged on debit Visa debit cards was up 6% compared to a 15% decline in the amount charged on Visa credit cards. For the same period, MasterCard debit cards were also up 4% while MasterCard credit cards were down 19%. Over the past five years, the debit card gross dollar volume compound annual growth rate is 17%, compared to a 4.5% credit card gross dollar volume compound annual growth, according to Translated this means debit cards are growing more than three times faster than credit cards. Visa and MasterCard have a combined 479 debit cards in use today in the USA as of June 30th, 2009.

          U.S. DEBIT VOLUME
        (Visa & MasterCard)
        2Q/08: $387 billion
        3Q/08: $386 billion
        4Q/08: $378 billion
        1Q/09: $382 billion
        2Q/09: $408 billion
    Source: CardData (

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