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Sinking Sales

The average purchase slapped on a Visa and MasterCard credit card has been sinking by more than 8% over the past year from $90.38 to $82.56. It’s all a sign of the recessionary times but it may be leveling out as MasterCard’s latest report shows that the average ticket was flat over the summer compared to the spring. At mid-year the average Visa credit card transaction declined 7.6%, from $91.10 for the second quarter to $84.14 for 2Q/09. The average MasterCard credit card transaction dropped 10.2% over the same period, falling from $89.31 to $80.16. According to CardData, Visa posted $192 billion in purchase dollar volume with 2.28 billion transactions for 2Q/09, while MasterCard posted $120 billion in purchase dollar volume with 1.50 billion transactions for 2Q/09. The combination of the recessionary impact on spending and the rising shift to debit cards has been driving the decline in credit card purchase dollars. Gross dollar volume (purchases + cash) for Visa credit cards declined 15% between 2Q/08 and 2Q/09. MasterCard credit card gross dollar volume declined 18.7% during the same period. Combined, debit card gross dollar volume was up 5.4% at mid-year. For the latest Visa and MasterCard statistics visit CardData (

            Visa    MasterCard
        2Q/08:    $91.10    $89.31
        3Q/08:    $89.98    $88.34
        4Q/08:    $85.29    $83.43
        1Q/09:    $84.49    $81.47
        2Q/09:    $84.14    $80.16
       Source: CardData (

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