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Vertic Visa

Mobile banking solution provider Veritec and California-based Security First Bank are rolling-out a Visa-branded multi-purpose card. Veritec’s “VSCode” is a secure data storage container that holds several thousand bytes of data. Having the “VSCode” on the back of the prepaid card will enable banking institutions, governments, and organizations to use it as a multi-purpose financial and secure ID card. Veritec is registered in Visa “Third-Party Agent” program as an “Independent Sales Organization” and “Merchant Servicer” and is a developer of proprietary two-dimensional barcodes called “VeriCode” and “VSCode.” The company’s products include its proprietary 2D barcodes, multi-purpose financial and ID cards, and PhoneCodes products for delivering electronic tickets, coupons and prepaid cards to consumers. For more information visit:

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