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Noodles Card

Mac & Cheese, Pad Thai, Chinese Chop Salad and Pesto Cavatappi can now be facilitated for your loved ones with the new “Lunch Buddy Gift Card.” Noodles & Company has launched a gift card that sits on a tabletop easel and displays the giver’s photo. To personalize the card, the user can visit the “Lunch Buddy Support Center” to upload and print their photo. Or, select a photo of a stand-in “buddy” from a photo gallery provided on the site. Givers can even guarantee their buddy’s availability for the virtual lunch date by using a calendar blocker feature to choose a specific day and time for the lunch. “Lunch Buddy” cards are available in any amount at a Noodles location, or in $20 amounts if ordered online. And, like a buddy, the cards never expire. They can be reloaded at any Noodles location and reused for as many “lunch dates” as desired. Gift givers also are invited to participate in the “Lunch Buddy Photo Contest” launching in mid-December through

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