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Fickle Consumers

Consumer confidence is again in a wishy-washy state. After faltering last month, consumers are now showing some signs of optimism. The composite “RBC CASH” (Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household) Index for December stands at 39.0, an eight point increase from November’s reading. The RBC “Investment Index” rose 10 points this month, to 46.9 from a 36.6 level in November. The RBC “Current Conditions Index” for December is standing at 37.0, up eight points from the November reading of 28.8. The RBC “Jobs Index” for December edged-up to 54.1, compared to 50.9 in November. The RBC “Expectations Index” for December jumped to 40.4, an 18 point rise from its 21.9 reading in November. RBC says overall consumer confidence remains low and susceptible to negative news, which could create more pointed fluctuations in consumer confidence in the near- to medium-term period.

          RBC CASH INDEX
          Dec 08: 15.3
          Jan 09: 13.3
          Feb 09:  1.6
          Mar 09:  8.2
          Apr 09: 38.3
          May 09: 43.0
          Jun 09: 34.3
          Jul 09: 22.4
          Aug 09: 37.5
          Sep 09: 40.0
          Oct 09: 51.8
          Nov 09: 30.2
          Dec 09: 39.0
        Source: RBC CASH

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