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Gift Cards 09

The total dollar value of gift cards have grown 7% while the total dollar value of gift cards activated have grown 4.4% Y/Y. The number of gift cards activated grew modestly by 2.3%, consistent with First Data’s forecast for the holiday season, while the average gift card amount was up 2% Y/Y. Restaurant gift cards, which tend to be purchased in smaller denominations, made up a larger percentage of all cards activated this week compared to last week.

    GIFT CARD $ AMOUNTS 08/09   %-/+
    ALL CARDS:       31.48/32.10 2.0
    BF WEEK:         36.83/39.50 5.7
    SPECIALTY:       43.87/45.77 4.3
    RESTAURANT:      18.20/18.35 0.8
          Source: First Data

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