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Card Cutback

With the recession marking its second anniversary this year it has had a significant impact on consumer behavior and attitudes surrounding holiday credit card debt. A new survey has found that 55% of consumers are inspired to make a more proactive effort to avoid incurring any or more credit card debt. This has influenced changes in consumer behavior toward holiday credit card debt with 21% expecting to have credit card debt after January 2010 from the 2009 holiday season, a 5% decrease from the year ago period. This, according to survey, a part of Experian, conducted between Nov. 11 and Dec. 8, also shows 24% of the consumers planning to carry holiday credit card debt after January 2010 are planning to pay it off in one to two months, compared to only 18% one-year ago. Additionally, 69% of those becoming more proactive to reducing credit card debt cited higher credit card interest rates as a reason for their proactivity while 38% included the proliferation of information about the impact of carrying credit card debt and 37% cited the potential damage to their credit score.

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