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A credit card you would be happy to give your Grandmother has entered the marketplace. Thanks to the “CARD Act” Sunbelt-based BBVA Compass introduced the “BBVA Compass ClearPoints” credit card that features clear, simple and transparent terms and conditions, as well as pricing terms that will never change. The “BBVA Compass ClearPoints” card is the first in a comprehensive suite of credit card products that will be rolled out by BBVA Compass in the coming months. The suite of three credit cards will cover every level of creditworthiness and includes our secured credit card, called the “BBVA Compass Optmizer” credit card, which was launched on November 16th. By keeping the suite of products limited, consumers are able to more easily understand which card is most appropriate for their credit needs. Features of the new “BBVA Compass ClearPoints” credit card include pricing terms that are tied to a Prime Rate index that will not change for the life of the card, no default pricing, no annual fee, no unexpected or hidden fees and offers rewards for good payment behavior, free credit bureau monitoring, free identity theft coverage and the “CompassPoints” rewards program. BBVA Compass credit card products are currently available in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico and Colorado. For more information visit:

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