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Xbox Live Bonus

Xbox LIVE users can now boost their gaming power with the purchase Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription and Microsoft Points Cards from Blackhawk Network’s “Gift Card Mall”. In addition to accessing online multi-player gaming, consumers will also have the ability to download gaming and entertainment content using these cards. An Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription gives members VIP treatment with exclusive access to one of the best values in home entertainment. This includes access to multi-player games, Facebook,, Netflix, Twitter and social entertainment with a chance to win real prizes on “1 vs. 100.” Microsoft Point cards allow users access to digital content such as game extending add-ons, arcade games, music videos as well as stream thousands of HD movies and TV shows from Xbox LIVE. Consumers looking to purchase Xbox LIVE prepaid cards can visit their local grocer and look for the Gift Card Mall display. Xbox LIVE cards are available in denominations of $19.99 for 1600 Microsoft Points or a three month Gold Subscription; and $49.99 for 4000 Microsoft Point or a 12 month Gold Subscription.

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