Consumer Payment Card News


Consumers seeking to customizes the terms and conditions of a credit card can now take advantage of Discover’s CardBuilder. Prospective cardmembers can get started by selecting which option best describes their credit standing, as well as how they plan to manage their balance. This information helps identify the best offer available for the particular applicant. Users select an option from each of the three CardBuilder customization offerings that includes “See More Terms” in which users are asked to choose which of the following options is most important to them: low intro APR, long intro APR duration, low purchase APR, low balance transfer APR or long balance transfer APR duration. An interactive chart will display the best offers available with that selection. If “Create Your Own Terms” is selected, users can manipulate levers associated with each terms category displayed. The rates for each category will adjust accordingly. For example, if the purchase APR lever is increased, the remaining levers may automatically change in order to communicate a trade-off. CardBuilder also enables users to choose which type of rewards program they prefer whether it’s cash rewards (Cashback Bonus), airline miles or getting interest back for paying on time (Pay-On-Time Bonus). CardBuilder lets applicants get the most from their card depending on what features or benefits are most important to them. Applicants can pick a specific plastic design by choosing from 28 of the most popular card designs, including those with art, botanical, monogram, pets, sports, wildlife and patriotic themes. To view, interact and apply for a Discover card with CardBuilder, go to

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