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Total Debt Relief

Debt relief is coming to Main Street. After watching banks and car makers get billions in taxpayer bailouts, consumers are now able to seek a remedy for crushing credit card debt. Credit card debt relief that is available to consumers and businesses today includes the following programs and services: Debt Settlement – this program is one of the newest in consumer and business credit card debt relief options available today. This program has been featured in major media outlets recently including CNN, NBC, TIME, and others. This program works by a debt settlement firm acting as an arbitrator and negotiating on behalf of the consumer or business with their creditors. The outcome of these negotiations is a debt settlement offer that in almost all cases is at least a 50% reduction of the original amount of debt that was owed. This immense reduction in credit card debt
is achieved without a loan and without bankruptcy. Debt Consolidation – this program is one the most familiar credit card debt relief programs known by name to consumers and businesses. In this program, a new loan is taken out to pay off multiple existing loans. Total Debt Relief offers consumers a free debt evaluation which can be taken advantage of at the company’s website:

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