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Clear Vision

For the 65 million Americans who have no credit cards, Texas-based PreCash has rolled out the Vision Visa prepaid card program that offers free transactions. The free offering rewards users who adopt the prepaid card as a lifestyle product for everyday use. The card is part of the prepaid debit card provider’s move to offer flexible pricing for its , and to offer a greater choice of products that meet the diverse needs of consumers. Vision Platinum Visa Card is the first general purpose reloadable card with free transactions, including free PIN transactions and ATM use. It’s for those who spend $1,000 or more monthly with a card. Vision Premier Visa Card. For people who want the benefits of Direct Deposit but may not spend more than $1,000 each month. Vision Preferred Visa Card. For consumers who want a payment vehicle and prefer to load the card at retail locations. PreCash offers its line of Vision Visaî Prepaid cards and other prepaid Visa and MasterCardî products, prepaid debit card program management services, real-time cash bill payments, prepaid wireless refills, payroll card products. For more information on the Vision Visa Prepaid program, visit

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