Consumer Payment Card News

No Overdrawn Accounts

Bank of America from now on will only authorize single debit card transactions at the POS if a customer has enough money in their account at the time. Go Figure! This will not only help cardholders save billions annually in overdraft charges by reducing any chance of overdrawing their account, it also provides the consumer much greater control. Sure you may not be able to buy that $2 cup of coffee until you get your next paycheck, but at least it wont wind up costing you $37. Offering more control, Bank of America is recommending linking your checking account to other account products, such as their savings account and credit card offerings, to allow for purchases totaling more than your sum checking account total. This comes on the heels of Bank of America having taken so much heat from receiving $25 billion in government funds as part of a $700b financial rescue fund early last year.

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